What Is A Xyloglock?

Xyloglocks are a great tool to use when teaching melodic percussion. These Xyloglocks are made locally in Adelaide and are available for order. Purchase details are listed below.

A Xyloglock

A Xyloglock

An absolute Must for every music teacher!

  • Suitable for teaching students of all ages.

  • Great for demonstrating skills and techniques for playing tuned percussion instruments:

                        glockenspiels, metallophones, xylophones, and marimbas.

  • Perfect to model correct removal and replacement of bars. 

  • Easy for students to see and understand how the “XYLOGLOCK” represents their tuned instruments.

  • Students can learn to play musical pieces quickly, easily and stress free.

  • Easy for teachers to store, set up, and move from place to place.

  • The Xyloglock can stand on a table, music stand or between 2 chairs for easy modelling by the teacher.

Special Features

  • The “XYLOGLOCK” is a sturdy, 25cm x 75cm, free standing, powder-coated metal board, with removable magnetic bars.

  • All bars are easy to remove and replace.

  • Magnetic bars can be secured on the back of the board when not in use, so they never get lost!

  • There are 15 magnetic bars, displaying 2 octaves from C to C.

  • F sharps and B flats are included.

  • The bars are large and clearly visible for all students to see.

  • Teachers can use ordinary mallets to demonstrate playing techniques and skills

The “XYLOGLOCK” is very practical, quick and easy to setup, carry and pack away.

For more information on Xyloglocks please contact Jeffery Cock by filling out a contact form below.

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