OSASA will not be running any accreditation courses in 2019. Stay tuned for courses in 2020! 

The course allowed me to develop a whole new approach to teaching that allows students to develop in a much more musical way while giving us great ideas for lessons and a huge range of repertoire and resources.
— Course Participant

What's a levels course?

The Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk (ANCOS) provide National Teacher Accreditation Level Courses in Orff Schulwerk to provide quality training in Orff Schulwerk practices of music teaching. 

There are 4 level courses in total, and are to be completed one at a time in order from 1-4.
These courses are affectionately known around Australia as the 'Levels Courses'.

The Level Courses are designed to immerse participants in the Orff approach to teaching music. Devised by Carl Orff, this approach seeks to develop the inherent musical qualities in all people through an active and creative learning process. 

Levels 1-4 include studies in Movement & Dance, Orchestration, Technique & Improvisation, Recorder, Vocal, Pedagogy and History of Orff Schulwerk (Level 1 only). 

OSASA offers the Orff Schulwerk Level 1 and 2 Australian Teacher Accreditation Courses with local and interstate presenters. 

OSASA Level Courses are accredited by ANCOS and are recognised throughout Australia.

An exciting, brain buzzing week of fun! What was so great was the process taught by the presenter and the supportive climate created in our learning journey.
— Course Participant

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Not only has it been enjoyable and challenging it has totally transformed the way I teach.
— Course Participant

For more information contact course coordinator Kirrabelle Lovell at info@osasa.net